It all started with a llama! I saw a friend's post about finishing up a cute No Drama Llama from Yarnspirations and I was hooked! Literally and figuratively! I never knew crochet could be so cute! This cuddly thing was something I could make without a sewing machine and with my choice of yarn? WOW! Little did I know the journey that was just beginning. You see, I rarely start anything halfway! I go all in. So, I grabbed some hooks, some yarn, and began the slow process of learning how to SC(single crochet), DC (double crochet) and so many other stitches. I made hats that were meant for giants or preemies and squares that came out more diamond-shaped! :-) But through it all, I was finding me and it felt great! Maybe that last line doesn't make any sense to some of you, but for me, I had been a bit lost. I had nothing that was "mine" at this time. Being 24/7 available to husband, children, and others as both family and teacher left me dry and thirsty. The rain that fell was this gift of crochet. I began to dream again and get excited about life.  I began to feel like I was accomplishing something every day and it felt good!

Colorful Knitting
Crochet Eggs

So, whether you're a youngish mom who's just looking for a craft or a hobby that you can find some identity in or you're a talented hooking rockstar, I hope you find inspiration in these pages! I can't wait to meet you and learn from you and share lots of stuff I'm learning along the way! Grab some yarn, a hook, and let's get stitching!

Eventually I hope to have my own patterns on here to share but until then, I'll see what I can find to share and post it here! Follow me on Instagram to see more inspiration!

Patterns and Ideas Coming Soon!!

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