Welcome To The World

The world of Blankets and Books is my little part of the internet and it's ready to fly high. A site full of stories, ideas and great ways to connect to those special little and big(my oldest passed me in height last year) people in our lives is my goal. Whether it's snuggling up under a blanket reading a Hardy Boys book with our youngest or a thoughtful nonfiction with our older kids, the process always begins the same for us. Everyone grabs a blanket, I grab a book, everyone gets "their" spot and we get ready for the adventure.

It doesn't matter if it's a gray day or the sun is full on shining and it's 100 degrees out, we'll still be found under our blankets. I'm not sure where it really started, but if my kids and husband know anything about me, it's that I like cozy and I like my loved ones and friends to be comfortable. E, A & K were each given blankets before they were born. In true fashion, E's was blue and A's was pink, K had a green but gave it up quickly for an old blue one of E's. Those blankets went everywhere with us! I had backups in case the worst case scenario happened. When I owned my business and had a office, I had extra blankets for each along with the crib I kept there for nap times. I acclimated them to knowing a blanket meant cuddle time or sleepy time! From that point on, they were hooked!

The right blanket can make a lot of things, most things, better. Whether in sickness or health, there is a joy that comes from the feeling of being wrapped up in something. The combination of comfort, warmth and love can heal and replenish. I've since sewn numerous blankets for each kiddo. Last year when I learned to crochet the first big project I began was a blanket! It sits on our couch and hasn't seen a day without one of us underneath it at some point. I never even got around to weaving in the ends!

The other thing I learned was our times of learning don't have to look like anything special. So of my most memorable learning times were when I was most comfortable. So, why shouldn't it be the same for my kids? Whether it's working on math, reading history, writing the next great novel or sewing a new stuffed animal, learning happens with our blankets and most often a book close by. I call it education the cozy way!

Join me on this journey into the cozy education lifestyle. Your home and blanket might be different, but the joy of learning together, getting lost in a story or reveling in great poetry are some of the joys we have experienced by doing life and school this way. Grab your blanket and start a new chapter!