Top 7 Items Under $10 I Can't Live Without

Some of the simple things that get me through the day, don't cost a lot of money but save my sanity. Here's probably my favorite 7, though it could change tomorrow!

1. Grocery pickup - whether it's Aldi and Instacart or Walmart's online ordering and pickup, the $1.99 +/- fee is invaluable in time!

2. Yarn! At less than $10/skein most times, it's a boost for my sanity! I can always find comfort in making something for my family or a friend. So much joy!

3. Good pens! I love 2 different kinds equally...Bic Cristal Xtra Bold in Color, they make my life happy even though they're cheap. It also makes me less careful with them and anything that I can be more relaxed about is awesome! Then there are my TUL pens that just make writing so much fun! They flow across the page and are awesome for drawing/sketching plans or designs.

4. Amazon Music Unlimited...gotta have my grooves!

5. Lindt 78% Dark Chocolate Bars...need I say more? Chocolate makes everything better!

6. The Ordinary Azelaic Acid...for years I didn't know I had rosacea. Once I had our youngest and reached those 40's, my skin went full blown wacko! I thought I had adult onset acne and was trying everything recommended to help that. Only after trying all those and not having success did I finally ask a dermatologist. Found out that I have rosacea and then I was able to help combat it. The prescription for a similar but slightly stronger version of this acid began

to help, but I was unwilling to pay the prescription price, so I started looking for an alternative. Enter this product! It has been life changing! I have a great skincare and eating regimen that is helping my skin and this is a big part of it!

7. ThriftBooks...I love books and getting them used at a better price means I can have more of them!

Let me know what your favorites are! Sometimes I've found some of my new favorites from others' lists!