So It Begins...


You have joined a club.

Right now, if you are like I was, you're trying to get your feet under you, your fearful, excited, nervous, apprehensive, challenged, worried, tired, and so many more adjectives that could fill an entire page.

First I'd like to say, breathe. Just breathe. Take the time to savor this second, this minute.

This journey that you've begun will be one for your children, but also and almost more so, one for you.

You are a ship that has left the moorings behind and it's a bit of uncharted water that your staring into. There are no strange sea monsters and there is no great abyss to fall into, but the sensation of being alone will at times be very real. You'll question your sanity, you'll want to give up, you'll probably want to run away some days, but after all that is said and felt, you'll plug in to something that is so inviting and enriching to your life and the lives of your children that all of those uncomfortable things will fade away.

I can't promise you a magic bullet, I can't offer you a "one size fits all plan", but I have learned a lot over these last almost 5 years to give you aid. I started with children who'd already been doing "school" the traditional way and it added another layer for me to unwrap. Maybe some of my lessons will help you as well.

I hope this space, this place will offer you soul food, some laughter, some tears, some growth opportunities and so much more.

Welcome to the journey! I'll be walking it with you!