May's Book of the Month

This book is an awesome read! I wish I'd had it 10+ years ago! It would have saved me a lot of heartaches and also probably changed the way I did life, business, and work many years ago. But then again, I think sometimes we can't learn something until we've gone through enough stuff for it to make sense. Give and Take is a well researched and amiable read about learning the success of givers and the underachievement of takers over the long haul. If you're like me, you've been around those people whom you know are takers and yet you see them succeed. You wonder what you're doing wrong and then continue on your way just planning that life will always be that way. This research and Adam Grant's personality in writing, bring these studies and findings to light in ways that are both engaging and informative! I highly recommend this book and will put it on the list of books for most high school and college students to read. If they do so, I believe they'll have a better shot at understanding the work world they will walk into and how to not only understand others but thrive within whatever context it be, the classroom, the workplace or their personal lives.