I Have Freckles

I have freckles.

Lots of them!

I remember being around 5 or 6 the first time I heard someone ask me if I’d like to figure out how to get rid of them. It had something to do with crushing up strawberries and putting it on my face overnight.

I never tried it.

I never wanted to.

You see, I’m a white girl. I don’t mean white as in beautiful complexion, powdered divinity. I mean plain white underneath those spots of color.


I burn badly. Like blisters and sleepless nights kinda badly.

I often wished I could connect my freckles. To connect them to a richer brown tone. To cover the splotches in-between, the rosy hue that comes from what I now know to be rosacea. To have a healthy tan that looks so good on others.

But I can’t.

I had a conversation with a family member a few days ago. We talked about all the things going on in the world and a statement was made.

“If God had made us all the same, we wouldn’t have any issues.”


Can we look anywhere in this beautiful world and see monotony? Do all birds have tan feathers and yellow beaks? Do all flowers have to be red? What about apples? The list can go on and on.

The same with people. If you want to call me white, am I?

If you stood 10 of us “white” people up, the differences would be astounding.

Let’s take 10 "black" people. The same holds true.

What about Hispanics, Asian descendants, and on and on?

Not just the colors of our skin, but our hair, our eyes and so many other distinctions that make us unique.

A world full of gray would be boring. It wouldn’t have choice. It wouldn’t have love.

Do you hear that?

The whole account of creation is one of love.

God loves and wanted/wants to be loved.

Love cannot be demanded.

It must be given. Freely.

A being created with a mandate to love would only be able to be a robot.

When we allow for that free creation, we must allow for the sin that follows.

In a world now fallen, where choices can be made, oftentimes and I’d dare to say most times, we choose wrongly.

We go against the perfect creation.

We walk away.

We don’t have love in our hearts or in our actions toward God or toward our neighbor.

That’s the whole reason for the cross, y’all!

We can’t make pure decisions on our own. We can’t do enough, be enough, love fully enough.

That is the heart of all of these issues.

We were all created to be image-bearers of a God who marked us as His own.

He breathed into us.

He brought us to life.

We cannot sustain without His consent.

He looked at His creation and declared it good.

He didn’t declare any of it better than another, he didn’t declare it with a hierarchy of value.

It was GOOD.

It IS good.

What God knits together in the womb and brings forth to life outside of that womb is beautiful.

Black, white, and anywhere in between.

His handiwork is evident in us not because of our skin color, but because of the fact that we are all marked by Him.

Every person alive has that mark.

It’s what joins us together.

The outside is only the pretty clothing we’ve been given.

Let’s celebrate our creator.

Celebrate who He made us to be.

Enjoy the extras that make us unique on the external, but know that what makes us most important, is the seal we all carry.

It’s actually got a great handle.

It’s called IoG

Image of God.

Look at those you meet walking down the street or in the store and find that mark.

It’s written on every person.

We can’t escape it.

I’m looking for it, are you?