Home Education 101


I wish I could give you a great snapshot of how this thing is gonna work, but I'd be lying.

Trying to create a plan that will work for multiple families would be impossible, just as trying to understand the differences between each of your children will be a monumental task. There are no easy answers, no plug and play. Maybe someone told me that out of the gate, and it didn't sink in, or maybe I was just already on-board and didn't think the particulars were all that important.

Some things will become more important and others less so as you find your groove. The things that you start out worrying about end up being the ones you kinda laugh at later or at least they did for me. However, I do have to caveat this with the notion that I am an optimist. I pretty much have learned that 90% of what I think I need to know or have figured out, will in fact get figured out OR it won’t. Schedules, worrying about if they are learning, finding others to connect with and so many other ideas can bog us down and take away from the journey. They can cause sleepless nights and bouts of frustration. They can even cause us to lose our joy in this new adventure, but that’s where I encourage you to take a step back. Look at the reasons why you started this in the first place, take a moment to look outside or go for a walk. So many things can clear up when we change our perspective.

So, to sum up my homeschooling philosophy right now, I’d say I’ve embraced Charlotte Mason with a touch of unschooling and so many other perspectives that are my children. The education that I thought I was going to give our oldest has changed over the last few years in so many individual ways, the same for our daughter and the way in which I will approach our youngest’s education will be almost a 180-degree turn from our firstborn's. I have gained so much valuable insight from so many different sources. Many places I have been able to apply a portion of what they have gone through and nothing is wasted. I'd recommend looking around and taking in all the information you can and then finding the parts that work for you and your family. Don't worry, it'll take a while and you'll find grooves that will last for a bit and then you'll have to reevaluate and that's ok.

Let me know how I can help and if there are any specific questions you have and I'll try to help! I'm constantly looking for new ways and things and implementing the Go Slow to Go Fast mentality. I'd encourage you to do that too!!