If you want to understand the reason for this page, click here. The idea behind mentoring is as old as civilization. It’s been pursued in many forms from apprenticeships and indentured servitude to what most of us “modern” people would consider elders or more experienced people helping younger or less experienced people grow in a craft, area of expertise, or generally be a sounding board for their thoughts.


I had always desired a mentor but found few who were willing or able to give the time.


I want to do things differently in my life.


Whether it’s parenting, homeschooling, crafting, writing, or any number of other things, I’d like to help!


God has given me a gift of clarity. I don’t say that in a boastful way, but as a statement of something I’ve found to be true. I can look at a situation and see potential pitfalls and ways to avoid them, I can see multiple sides of a situation and try to calculate the risks and rewards for all. I’m not overly emotional and can take myself out of the equation to understand how something could be construed or misconstrued.


What I found I often needed most was just a simple, listening ear, somewhere I could find a sounding board for my thoughts and maybe a bit of a next step progression.

So, that leads me to this opportunity…

I’d like to be clear about what this will be and what it won’t be, so I’m going to bullet point it here and go from there.

What it will be:

  1. I offer to give you a one time, good overall breakdown of what I see as your product/idea/website etc. – this maybe be extended if/when we both agree

  2. I will offer at least one and possibly more “next action” steps that I believe will or could be helpful to get your ball rolling and if I have the ability, I will connect you with a person who may be more capable

  3. I will keep ALL information confidential regarding anything you send to me except where consented by mutual agreement or not harmful to your individual idea. General ideas are not considered your property.

  4. I will respond to all letters EXCEPT where they violate common goodness. I reserve the right to determine what that is for me.

  5. You are under NO obligation to take or use any of the advice I give and the only thing requested of you would be to write a quick review of our encounter for use on my website and in any other materials, I deem useful or necessary down the road.

What it will NOT be:

  1. I make no offers of employment or assistance other than my brain and ideas

  2. I am not an investor and at this time am not looking to provide assistance to those who need financial backing

  3. The information that I share with you is for your use only and not to be reposted on other accounts

  4. You may not use my business name or personal name in any of your advertising or social media+ without written consent.

  5. I do not offer legal advice and do not claim to take the place of a good, solid business plan and setup. This is for use as a sounding board only.

***Further criteria may be added as necessary and this program may be canceled at any time without notice.

So, there it is! I’m looking forward to helping and I can’t wait to “meet” you. If you have any questions or just want some help, I'll try my best! Please send your info to or submit on the form below and let’s get started!!