Since I ended up picking up crochet first, learning to hold my yarn and tension in my right hand was gonna be hard, so I was so excited to find Continental Knitting! It makes it so much easier to learn and improve using the skills I've already acquired from crocheting. 

I think even if you haven't learned any other yarn craft before, I would recommend this style. It's faster and simpler and just a bit less confusing - at least to me! 

So, though this craft is new to me, I'll be sharing the tips and tricks I learn along my way of discovery and I hope they'll be helpful to you as well. I feel honored now to be able to call myself a knitter. It's just a start, but I can always improve! I hope I can help you do the same and realize that it's ok to have to restart a project 100 times! I've had to! So join me as I learn and grab some needles - whichever kind you like and let's get knitting! Below I'll share some of my thoughts on this craft and some patterns!! Follow me on Instagram to see some other great makers and ideas!


If I were to pick one yarn craft I would have thought of before I began this crafting life, it would have been knitting. It's the one that you see in clothing from a store, the one that machines have been able to mimic and something that I remember hearing about in so many stories growing up and in old bins in long-forgotten attics. I've always loved the look of knitting and the way it feels, so soft and supple, luxurious and timeless. It was one of those things on my bucket list for someday. In truth, many of the people I knew who knitted, were the 'not cool' ones! :-) Funny how life changes. 

Pile of Folded Knits

Patterns and Ideas Coming Soon!