From the moment we are conceived to the time we draw our first breath, we have been wrapped in the best blanket God has ever made. Once we enter this world, our lives continue with countless brushes with fabric and textiles that comfort us and warm us, give us a sense of peace and hopeful serenity, and cling to our every mood. Blankets have a special place in my family's life. From the long drug around baby blankets still held dear, to the Christmas gifts of last year, the warmth of being wrapped in something created with you in mind gives us all a sense of belonging. Our memories are entangled in the warp and weft of these homey fixtures.

A few years ago, I found a new way to incorporate textiles into my and by extension, my family's life. I was introduced to the art of crochet. Since that time, my love for this new craft has grown and expanded. It's swept us all up in a desire to have things we've made by hand, to give a piece of ourselves to others through the art of creation. Share some of our joy here on these pages and learn along with us.

Crochet Hook

My Yarn Love

Crochet came into my life about 2 years ago and I am SO thankful. It has been a place of quiet peace and serenity.

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Crochet Cushion
Tunisian Crochet

Yarn Love #2

Tunisian Crochet or Afghan Crochet attracted me from the beginning but I've only recently begun to try it! Join me in learning more about this wonderful craft.

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Yarn Love #3

I'm just starting this new affair with a new craft. It has such a unique and timeless feel and history that I knew I'd have to learn it someday.

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Image by Darling Arias

Beautiful by Hand

My daughter has found this craft to be a wonderful way to express and create. She inspires me daily with her abilities.

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Soaps Salts and Candles

Joy of Light

The first candles I made were 20 years ago now and it has been a part of my life if only in my mind since then. I'm trying new techniques and scents.

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Wood Carvings

Wood is Better

My fascination with the art of woodworking is coming to fruition through the efforts of our oldest. He has caused me to want to get my hands on the carving tools and learn this timeless craft.

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Books...I'm not sure there are enough words to describe the joy that comes from learning. Books have been my best friends during hard times, my sanity on sleepless nights, my go-to for pep talks, the way I've learned and grown. I've gained insight about humanity through history, found new friends in fiction, challenged myself to become something new through non-fiction and so much more. I've learned of the give and take in relationships brought to life on a page, of things that have brought success and happiness as well as defeat and fear. I've learned that even with the best of intentions, we will fail, but we can get up and try again. The connections of countless generations brought together through the inspiration and clarity of a well-loved novel is something I'll never completely understand. It reminds me that though we have lived in different times, this thing called humanity has some constants. To calculate the benefits of the written word would take a computer bigger than any I'll ever own. It is invaluable to say the least and priceless in every respect. A good library is worth more than money or fame. 

Reading with Coffee

1 a month at least

I love to read. My children love to read. Reading aloud is a part of our family's day to day life. This will be a list of some of our favorites over the months.

Girl Reading

Little Bits

Sometimes we need to find just that one great resource and other times we need a whole slew. This will help get you started.

Cabin Reading

The Best Gift

Outside. That word has so many different pictures that spring to mind, but joy of learning in the open is my favorite.


A Catch All Spot

This is like that drawer in your house that catches all the extras, not sure where to go's etc. Have some fun!

Book Shelf

Need a new book?

This section will feature some of our favorites both from school and individual reading. Classics to modern and young to old.

In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine.

Ralph Waldo Emerson