The name for this blog came from a quick comment I made to my son a few months ago. I was asking him to join me and his sister in our reading spot for our read-aloud time and he turned into his room to grab his blankets. It hit me, that these two things encompass a large part of our lives...books and blankets, blankets and books. I'd been contemplating starting a blog for a while and had been looking for something that would be a natural extension of who I am and how we do life and this was it. So, I began to envision it and as I sit here typing my 110th revision, I can tell you that it is a labor of love and another way of learning about what I want to focus on in this life and what really doesn't matter all that much. I want this website to be a place of learning, a place of beauty, and a place that feels welcoming. Within this site, we'll share stories of the ways blankets and books are a part of our lives and so much more! I look forward to sharing it with you and hearing your stories as well.


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Hey! So Glad You're Here

Whether we're meeting online or I struck up a conversation with you in a book or yarn store, I'm glad you've stopped by. This world is a crazy place and finding common ground is a great thing! I'm a girl on a mission, I also am a wife, mom, homeschooler, cook, so-called "brainiac"(that's what my librarian calls me) and someone who enjoys the adventure...doing things the same day after day gets me down, so I like to mix it up! Above all, I love to learn! The subject matter can change weekly, but the fact of pursuing knowledge doesn't!

Learning has taken many different faces in my 40 something years. It's been hardcore books and papers, travels with my family when I was young, sitting at home near a furnace vent in a winter spent in a MA beach house or dinner prep with a podcast, but whatever way it happens, I'm always trying to learn.

My name is Carolyn and I'm a married (20+ yrs) mom of 3 beautiful kids(17,15 & 6) and I love this life we're creating one day at a time. I try to take it in but know I'll miss so much of it, so this blog will serve in part as a selfish diary of our lives - snapshots in a time that will go and has gone by too fast.

The roles of mom, wife, homeschool parent can often become blurred, and yet there is always this struggle to maintain a distance, a taste of who I am alone, separate from my other roles. I'm not only someone's wife, someone's daughter, mother, sister, friend but who I was created to be from the inside. It's been a path of times where I can see and know clearly that person and then absences that make me wonder if I'll ever see that part of myself again or recognize me when I did. It's not a state of not wanting those things I have, but of understanding that we are all complex individuals with many facets that require understanding and enlightenment simultaneously.  

I try to keep it real, be honest, and open and let you see the good along with the bad. One sure thing about life is you can't appreciate the highs without the lows, so they're just as important to remember. Anyway, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or coke and travel this road with me. Let's cheer each other on, congratulate and celebrate each other! Then be ready to grab a blanket and a book and snuggle in for a great day because life is good, but life with a blanket(handmade is best) and a book(s) is what makes life wonderful!